Making A Terrarium With Geo-Fleur At Northern Craft

I recently had a crafty day out to Northern Monk Brewery for Northern Craft fair, I have already spoken about the event and why you should go, so go check it out and you will be impatiently waiting for the next event. 

While at the fair there were 2 workshops happening, one of them by Geo-Fleur.

I had already had a little look into both workshops and to be honest I have always wondered how a terrarium was made so I had to check it out for myself.

The Workshop

The workshop for £35 and everything was provided including tools, plants and the beautiful glass jar all to take home. Unfortunately, I wore white so had to use my free goodie bag as an apron, no damage was done.

The process of creating the terrarium is simpler than I thought but you need a good technique to make it work. I have forever wanted to try to make my own and thought many times of getting a kit for myself and Cora to do together. I would definitely recommend doing a course first to get to grips of the technique.

I had such a good time doing this course, I definitely got my moneys worth. The tutorial was done step by step and slowly, so you could follow and do it bit by bit. Start by placing in gravel to create a thin layer at the bottom, then add in the soil, the soil is a mixed soil but would definitely need to check what is better for your plants.

At first, I thought getting the soil in would be simple and easy but it is harder than it looks, don’t be ashamed if you spill it everywhere (I did, multiple times). The next part was to separate roots of the plants into small sections and get rid of the soil they were planted in.

Once the roots have been separated you can then use what looks like a giant fork to push the plant through and plant in the soil, I struggled with this part it doesn’t come to me naturally but I managed. I used the end of the long paintbrush to help plant the roots into the soil. I chose not to over plant my terrarium so then I still had plenty of room for my plants to grow.

Hopefully, it will continue to live and I can keep it alive, I loved the variety of plants available and definitely look forward to trying my hand at it again. Remember you can keep up to date with future workshops, buy from their shop online for materials and plants and also check out the latest from Geo-Fleur.

I had a great time and absolutely loved it, I would definitely recommend checking out Geo-Fleur if you are looking to taking a course, they have recently moved from London to York and have plenty of events planned for 2017.

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