Make Your Own Personalised Wine Bottle Cover

This DIY wine cosy is the perfect gift to make for Christmas, Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Use the handy tutorial with step by step guide.
How To Make A Personalised Wine Cosy.

As the year rolls on we remember that we have fathers day and mothers day along with the birthdays to plan for. My dad’s birthday is in February, he is a big fan of red wine and remember many of my nights fetching his wine from the warmest spot in the house. So very often a great simple gift for him was a bottle of red wine. As he is getting older the presents are harder to find and less about what he wants and more what he needs. I made him a wine bottle cover to help keep his wine warm while watching the latest Bond movie. It is neither something he needed or wanted, I got him a lovely bottle to accompany it and a side gift.

This is a great gift idea for any wine lover, fathers day gift or just for a friend. Perfect as you can make it personal to them and last forever. Great for keeping people away from your drink at parties too!

Equipment And Materials


I started by measuring out 2 different fabrics to the length of 12-inches by 4-inches. These strips were to be the fabric to make the tube. I then cut out the backing to these fabrics, I chose to use 1 plain fabric to back to the length of 12- inches by 8 inches. I then used the bottle of wine to draw around onto paper to create the pattern to cut 2 pieces into fabric for the base. You will also need to cut a 0.5cm thick wadding measuring 12 inches by 8 inches. Cut out a 7-inch by 5- inch rectangle of plain white cotton to make your label.


I started by creating a template to use for the writing for my label. I used my word document to pick out a text I liked and a size. Print this off and use as a template, trace through with a pencil onto your white cotton piece and put into your embroidery hoop. Start to embroider in your text using whichever stitch you wish, I kept it simple with a running stitch.


Sew together the 2 strips of fabric together and press the seams. Sandwich the wadding between the 2 pieces and pin together, if it helps do a small stitch running around the perimeter to hold the 3 layers in place. This will later be trimmed off or can be unpicked. Repeat for the circular base as that is harder to sew in.


I then moved on to folding in the raw edges of the cotton label to create a smooth edge, press the sides down. Once the label is tidy and neat pin it in place in the centre of the larger padded piece. Make sure the cotton label isn’t too near any sides as you will be cutting some off and for seam allowance. Sew the label into place using a running stitch on your machine. Top tip is to use your foot on the machine as a guide to help you stay in a straight line and create an even line.


The next thing I did was create a 2-inch strip of fabric to create the binding on the top of the wine bottle cover. This will create a nice clean edge and done in a contrasting fabric can add a nice detail. I chose my backing fabric for the binding as it stood out against the darker blue I had used for the main part. I cut a 2-inch strip the length of my piece ( 12-inch).

Pin and sew the strip with the right sides together, press and pull over to the opposite side. Fold over the excess fabric and pin into place, slip stitch the fabric into place. Top tip is when creating the binding, I often fold over the binding to match up with the previous line of stitching. This will help you keep a neat and even binding.


Wrap the padded piece around your wine bottle, the label side facing inwards. When you have pulled it into place pin it and that will create your seam. Remember not to pull too tight as you need to be able to get the bottle in and out easily. Sew the seam and press with the iron.


The last part is to sew in the base into the wine bottle cover, I usually do this bit at a tip to make sure I am catching the right part of the fabric. Start by pulling through the fabric tube so that the inside is now on the outside. Pin in half of the circle if you are not confident, if you are confident, pin in the full circle. Slowly sew in the circle to catch the base and tube together. Once done, take out all pins and cut down all seams to get rid of all the bulk. Turn through and it is complete. You have your own personalised wine bottle cover.

This is a perfect gift for Fathers day, Mothers day, birthdays and Christmas. It is a great idea to go that extra mile and decorate your giftees wine bottle cover personalised. Change up the writing and choose your own phrases to keep it fresh. Let me know in the comments below what phrase you used and what colours you went for. Let me know what you think of the wine bottle cover and how you personalised yours.



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    this looks cool

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