How To Make Pin Tuck Pleats

Pin tucks are more tricky or I think they are. I am terrible for detail and getting something so small to look good. Pin tucks are more commonly seen and used on garments such as shirts and blouses and dresses. They are used as a decorative feature especially in blouses as they can be flattering and can make a blouse look quite smart. Pin tucks can be quite a fiddly and difficult task, I struggle as I find it hard to create such even lines. The key to pin tucks in getting the lines completely straight and even across the panel.


*Remember if you are creating the pleats from a pattern to follow that, mark out your spacing and follow the instructions.

Equipment And Materials

Step One

If you are creating pin tucks for a garment make sure you stay within your seam allowance, otherwise you will have shrunk your garment before it has even been washed. Make sure all your fabric is pressed and wrinkle free. If you are creating a length of fabric to add on to a project, remember to double the length in which you need as the pin tucks will use up half of that.


Step Two

Generally, with pin tucks, you don’t need to hem the bottom as they are incorporated into a garment or pattern piece. If this isn’t the case, fold over 1cm and press with your iron and repeat. Go on to sew that pressed line with a simple running stitch and press again.



Step Three

Measure out your lines to create the pin tucks, I measured out a line every 2cm. Every other 2cm block would be pulled together to create a pin tuck. See image below. Pin the folds together and sew with a straight stitch.


Once done take to the sewing machine and press all the ridges to one side. These will lay into the gaps that you created with the 2cm gap.


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