How To Make A Simple Drawstring Bag

I am a lover of anything cute and handy, from wicker baskets to small bags I love it all. My house would be full if it was up to me. I love the look of keeping secret little chocolates hidden in a little drawstring bag that only I know about or keeping all my sewing stuff neat and tidy on my desk in a basket. This tutorial is going to show you how you can make these adorable easy drawstring bags. These bags can be used for easter egg hunts, treasure hunts or even just presenting a lovely gift in. I have used this method so many times to make a quick gift bag and it has always been reused!


Equipment and Materials


*Note that you can make this pattern to the shape and size you wish. I chose to make mine quite small to fit in the palm of my hand. This size would be great to use for kids for easter egg hunts or treasure hunts (6 x 8 inches).


Step One

I started by using graph paper, you can use normal paper but make sure you keep your measurements to right angles. Measure out the 6 by 8-inch rectangle and cut out. You can then place the paper template on the fabric I want to use as the main fabric of the bag. Double up your fabric and lay down the paper pattern, once in place pin the fabric and pattern together. Make sure you have 1/4 inch extra fabric around to create the seam, once sewn your bag will still then measure 6 x 8-inches.

 Step Two

Cut into your second fabric 2 strips of 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. This will create the channel for your ribbon to sit in. Take these to the iron and fold in 1/4 inch on each end, this will neaten off the edge to stop fraying. Then fold each length 1/4 inch over to create a neat edge. Pin one on each pattern piece, try to get them so they are identical or in line so then your ribbon isn’t pulling the bag from all angles. Pin these in place and sew down each side only. Remember to leave the thin edges open so that you can thread your ribbon through.

Step Three

Place together the 2 pieces with your right sides together with the channels on the inside and sew around the 3 edges, remember to leave the top edge open. Cut down the seams to get rid of any bulk and cut off the corners on a diagonal. Turn the bag the right way through and press your seams.

Step Four

This step is where I added the lace to the top to decorate. I pinned the lace around the top making sure to overlap the raw edges. I then cut a strip approx 1-inch thick and long enough to make it around the top of the bag. Pin this with right sides together making sure you are catching the lace as you go. *If you do not want to add the lace you can just pin and sew the edge. Carry on pinning around the raw edge, sew this with 1/4 inch seam. Take all the pins out and press the seam down, fold over the full length of the binding to create a crisp edge.

Step Five

Iron down the crisp edge and sew along the very edge with a small stitch to hold that into place. You can create a more decorative binding along the top if you prefer and you can use bias binding to create that, here is a useful tutorial on how to make bias binding.

Step Six

The last thing to do is thread through the ribbon, I always use a safety pin attached to the end of the ribbon to help pull it through the channel. This means your fingers have something more substantial and bigger to hold on to, to make it easier to pull through. Once you have threaded through the ribbon on both sides, your loose ends should come together on one side of the bag. Place a knot at each end to stop them disappearing back through the channel and you are done. I decorated my ribbon with a little bell on the end, you can leave yours as they are or decorate how you like.


Here is a quick Video from my youtube channel so see how you can make this cute drawstring bag for yourself.


Check out my other videos on youtube for more tutorials and helpful tips. Let me know in the comments what you used your drawstring bag for.


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