How To Make a Quick and Easy Pom Pom

The is a Tutorial on how to make a quick and easy Pom Pom.

This tutorial is simple and easy, it is also very quick, you can adjust the pom-pom to be thicker if you want more volume and this will just mean a little longer on time to make. Let’s get started.


Equipment you will need:

Step One

Start by laying down your piece of cardboard- you can use anything from an old box or a cereal box. I used whatever I could find, then you want to create the circle that is going to be the outer perimeter. You can make this with a mug or a roll of tape- you can make this as big or as small as you like. If this is the first time making a pom pom I suggest going for something that is not too large or too small or you may struggle. You can try more sizes once you have the hang of it. Draw round your circle onto the cardboard to create the outer perimeter, do this twice so you have 2 circles. Next you want to take a smaller object to create the inner circles, I used a 10p coin to draw around for mine.

Step 1 fullsizeoutput_754

Step Two

You will now have your two large circles with two smaller circles inside, from those smaller circles you want to create 2 lines joining to the outer perimeter- Like this.



Once you have done it for one, cut that out and lay on top of the other and use it as a template. When you have drawn around that first one, you can cut the other out. So you end up with something like this.


step 2

Step Three

Take the two cardboard circles and lay them on top of each other, make sure your notches are matching up. Then you can start by cutting a lengthy piece of doubled wool, put this to the side as you will need this at the end. Then you can start wrapping round the cardboard frame holding your beginning thread in place with your finger, in time you can wrap over that relieving your finger from holding it in place. Start from one end and aim to cover the full cardboard. Make sure it isn’t too thin as then your pom pom will be a little flat. Heres an example of how I start.

Step 3


Here is an example of how it should look when finished.


step 4.

Step Four

Now is the time to cut the outer perimeter, hold your circle firmly in one hand try and grasp as much of the wool on the inside circle as you can as this is the tricky part. You then need to start cutting between the 2 cardboard pieces, there should be a small channel you can run your scissors down and cut as you go when you have cut all the way round it should look like this.

Step 5

Step Five- Final Step

While keeping hold of your loose pom-pom you then need to take the long piece of wool you cut off earlier and slide it into the channel between the 2 pieces of cardboard, pull tight and tie a knot or two to make sure it is extra secure. This will then hold your pom-pom in place.

Once done remove the cardboard and fluff your pom-pom and it is done!

Final Product

Now onto the next one!


  1. Gabby Kent
    January 29, 2017 / 12:36 pm

    Really like this post! I’ve been wanting to start a new hobby, and I used to sew about 5 years ago (when I was about 15). This was really helpful. Thank you 🙂

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