How To Make A Fabric Birthday Crown/Tiara

This is the perfect tutorial on how to make a fabric crown, perfect for birthdays and dress up days.

Even though I have no children of my own I love my nephew and nieces. They are the most wonderful little people, I am often making one thing or another for them. I love spoiling them with treats and goodies that only I can make for them. It must get hard to create new ways to spoil them and make birthdays and parties special and interesting for them. Well, how about a birthday crown or tiara? They are super simple to make and easy to decorate to make special for the birthday boy or girl. Make your little ones feel special on their big day with this easy fabric crown tutorial. Even make some more for the other kids to wear so no one feels left out.

Materials And Equipment


Remember always press your fabrics beforehand to save time during the project and try to gather all your equipment onto your work surface to save finding during. 


Creating The Paper Pattern

To get started I looked at the style of the crown I wanted to create, I opted for a simple triangle spike style to keep things quite simple to start. I used measurements from a sewing book for metric pattern cutting for Childrenswear, this book is great if you are wanting to try out making clothes for your children. The book contains a guide to how to get started and measurement table. I drew half of my crown onto the paper so once transferred to the fabric it will be symmetrical. Cut out and transfer to fabric.


Cutting Into Fabric

Fold your fabric in half and place your crown on the fold. Once cut out this will create the length of your crown but will make sure it is symmetrical. Pin into place and draw around with your chalk pen, mark all around with a 1/4-inch seam allowance and cut out. Repeat for the backing fabric and again for the interfacing/stiffener. When I first made this I used the above template of 6 1/2 inches tall but it worked out way too tall and looked more like an Arch Bishop hat than a crown. Change the 6 1/2 inches to 4 1/2 and it will look much more like a crown.


Layering Up

If your interfacing is iron on, iron together your interfacing to the back of your main fabric. Let the fabric cool and place together with the fabric and lining together, right sides facing. Pin the layers together, try to pin the points to keep them from bending or catching while sewing. Sew together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance and remove pins as you go. Leave open the bottom seam and the 2 sides as this are where you will add in the ribbon/elastic. Cut down the seams with pinking shears or cut into the fabric to relieve the pull. Make sure to cut down to the seam with the dipped points so once the fabric is turned through it won’t create a crinkle or pull.



Adding Elastic Or Ribbon

With the seams sewn together along the top and spikes, you can then either add in elastic or Ribbon to the side seams. Either method works well, I would go with the material you have available. I had both but used ribbon as I have an abundance of it. Place a length of 30cm of ribbon on each side of the open side seam into the fold. The seam allowance will have a natural fold inward. Place the ribbon/elastic in the gap and pin into place, this will hold the 3 layers together. If you are using elastic you can make it to any length, if you are wanting the crown to fit a child I would keep the length quite short. Press the folds down so help keep the structure in place.



Sewing The Side Seams

Top stitch the side seams together, catching the ribbon/elastic as you go. This will create a strong hold of the 3 layers together and make the crown more durable. Do the same for the bottom seam or you can alternatively fold up the seam and iron and sew together with a slip stitch if you prefer.


Getting Creative

Now your base crown is sewn together you can decorate till your heart’s content. You can create pom-poms to add to the spikes, or to add colour. If you haven’t made pom-poms before check out my simple to follow tutorial. You can also add on lace to make it more into a tiara for a Princess theme party or add on a veil to the back. To make something more royal for the little Princes or Kings you can look to add on some spikes, fur trim or get some matching swords made.


Check out my youtube video tutorial, this is a simple to follow the video and you may even have a giggle along the way. I am not quite at my peak of confidence in front of a camera yet 🙂

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