How To Make A Cross Body Bag

Lately, I have been lacking, slacking and well being lazy! We have been back from travelling Europe for over a month and within a week or so we will be jetting off again to Ireland and then on to America. We are super excited and while we have had the time, we have been restocking on clothes and travel needs. This led me to want to make a new DIY cross body bag.

One of these things for me is my DIY cross body bag, I love my world print bag but unfortunately, it is now too small and a little worn. I rummaged through my shabby stash of fabrics and found my Higgs and Higgs fat quarters I picked up and the sewing and cooking show earlier this year.

I used the usual equipment as I normally do if you are looking to purchase any of the materials I use click here and you can see the list of things I use. 

I started off by using an A4 sheet of paper to work out the size of the bag I wanted to create. I folded the sheet in half and created a curved corner on 1 side to make the DIY cross body bag look softer. I then created the same shape that was shorter to use as the flap over.

Cut 2 of the larger piece of your main fabric and your lining fabric than 1 of each of the smaller shape.

Pick a matching zip and sew both of your main fabric pieces to the right side of the zip. Do the same again with the lining. If you struggled check out this easy to follow and a great tutorial on how to insert a zip.

Bring together the right sides together of the main fabric to one side of the zip and the right sides together of the lining at the other side. Pin together and then sew making sure you push the zip towards the lining so it catches within the seam.

Remember to leave a gap at the bottom of the lining to turn through the bag.

Turn the bag through and press, I then worked on the flap for the top. Sew the right sides together, remember to cut notches into the corners to relieve the fabric and turn through to press. Neaten off the open edge and fold over 1cm and attach in place to the bag.

Lastly, make a long strip of fabric to create the strap, I used a plain fabric and doubled over to create more strength. I would usually use fabric stiffener such as iron on interfacing to help the fabric be stronger and hard wearing. I would recommend using a stiffener to make your strap on your DIY cross body bag stronger and longer lasting.

I added on some trimming to my DIY cross body bag to make it a little more unique. Overall I am really impressed with how the bag came out, I think for my next DIY cross body bag I would really want to use a harder wearing fabric and a stabilizer to make the bag more rigid.


I would love to know if you have made your own DIY cross body bag and what pattern you used. Let me know in the comments what fabrics you use for bag making.

Until next time.

H x

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