Getting Crafty With Viking’s Arty Party Goodie Bag

Getting crafty is kind of my thing, it is after all in the name. It is something that has been continuous throughout my life from drawing, sewing to bodging things together. But, unfortunately, I couldn’t make the Viking Arty Party. I was however kindly sent the Viking stationary goodie bag to try myself at home, it was a very exciting package to receive.

Within my goodie bag, I got LOADS of coloured paper and card, perfect as it is father’s day coming up so I plan to make my dad a card. He appreciated them so much as a child, so why not treat him now?!

I also got an amazing cone of sweets, wrapped up in cellophane with a ribbon tied at the top. Just don’t tell my Slimming World group about them, though I think I will be sharing them with the kids.

I loved the little white bucket that was holding the coloured card and pens. The bucket was super cute and is now my pen pot for my desk at home.

I was really impressed with the presentation and dedication that went into the goodie bag. There was individually wrapped items, pretty pink stuffing and sweets. Sweets and stationary, what more can a girl ask for?

I was extremely gutted to miss out on the activities, meeting other bloggers and the amazing food. I am more than excited to put my new (amateur) calligraphy skills to use. That was one of the things I have been really eager to learn and try but not had the chance, now thanks to Artsynibs I can finally make it happen.

I have also mildly dabbled in origami before making present boxes and really enjoyed it. I was more than excited to see that Viking had included a pack. The pack included coloured paper, wire and instructions on how to make Origami flowers. I enjoyed making the flowers so much and the instructions were super clear and easy to follow.

Here are some of my results from the kits and how I got on…

The calligraphy was what I was most looking forward to honestly. It is something I see a lot and I don’t particularly like my handwriting to begin with. I started by following the printouts with my coloured pen to get used to following the lines. I then tried it on my own and failed… so badly. I need a little more work to get the hang of it but all the same, I will get there eventually!

I then moved onto the Origami flowers, they were simple to follow though I do think I made a small mistake. But with more practice, I will get it right. I enjoyed making the flowers and it was so soothing to do after a stressful day.

I had so much fun trying out all the kits at home that I even got my niece and nephew involved. I am looking forward to seeing what else Viking get up to. I would especially like to see what party they have next!

Thank you again to Viking for hooking me up with some amazing stationary supplies and a couple of new hobbies. If you have used Viking before and have a favourite product let me know in the comments below.

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