Cooking Measurements And Conversions – Complete Guide

I don’t know about you but the difference between imperial and metric was enough to confuse me. Have you seen an amazing recipe that is using cups but you want to use your scales instead? Not quite sure the conversion? None of us are! It is all too confusing. Do the conversions matter whether your measuring liquid or dry ingredients? Here is a simple and easy to follow guide to help clear any confusion you may have.

This first table is converting everything from metric, pint, cups and Fluid ounces. This is great as some recipes will mix in fluid ounces and before starting to read recipes I was unsure how to measure a fluid ounce so would want to use is in ml instead.

PintMetricCupsFL Oz
100ml3 1/2
125ml1/24 1/2
1 3/41.0L435

This table is showing the many conversions from imperial to metric. This is great if you find a recipe you really want to make but unsure of the measurement it is in. You may be in the UK and measure in grammes but the recipe is American and comes in ounces. Or vice versa.

1/2 oz15g7 oz198g15 oz425g
3/4 oz21g8 oz (1/2 lb)227g16 oz (1lb)454g
1 oz29g9 oz255g24 oz 680g
2 oz57g10 oz284g32 oz (2lb)907g
3 oz85g11 oz312g35 oz (2.2lb)993g
4 oz (1/4 lb)114g12 oz340g48 oz (3lb)1.36kg
5 oz142g13 oz369g64 oz (4lb)1.8kg
6 oz170g14 oz396g
1oz = 28.35g1g = 0.035oz

I have found this table to helpful, nothing worse than going on holiday or getting a new oven and not knowing what you need your settings on. When we are travelling and staying in Air B&B’s we often cook our own meals to save money but not all ovens have the same settings so I found this really helpful to not burn down the place!

Gas Mark 1/2250120Very Slow
Gas Mark 1275140
Gar Mark 2300150Slow
Gas Mark 3325170
Gas Mark 4350180Moderate
Gas Mark 5375190
Gas Mark 6400200Mod - Hot
Gas Mark 7425220
Gas Mark 8450230Hot
Gas Mark 9475240Very Hot

Measuring in cups can be so easy and you can pour in as much as you need and don’t have to spoon any flour back in the bag. It makes life simpler but dry ingredients weigh different and have different density. This table helps you with some of the basic measurements that you may come across while baking/cooking.

1 CupImperialMetric
Uncooked Rice7oz200g
Caster Sugar8 oz225g
Brown Sugar6oz170g

This is a quick cheat sheet guide saving you having to find a converter on google.

1 Pint568ml
1 Litre1.76 pints
1 fl oz28.41ml
1ml0.035 fl oz


Let me know what cheat guides you use for your cooking and recipes in the comments below.

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