Clover Large and Small Pom Pom Maker Review

Not long ago I got really into making pom-poms, I found it so relaxing but was getting really tired of having the use the cardboard template I made myself. I had never heard of the Clover pom pom maker until a couple of months ago and immediately got onto Amazon to buy myself some.

Here is my review of the Clover large and small pom-pom makers.

I started off with the larger to make things easier on myself until I got used to the way it worked. The delivery came the next day thanks to Amazon Prime and was nicely packaged. I was impressed with the instructions being on the back so there wasn’t wasted paper and extra stuff to store. I quickly read through the instructions that were very clear and easy to follow. They also came with clear pictures for you to see of you can find an easy to follow Youtube tutorial here.


I opened up the 2 slides on the 1 side together and started by holding the end of the wool slightly off the edge and started to wrap over the free end to hold it in place. I found it simple enough but was harder to start as the 2 slides aren’t fixed together so more pressure on 1 slide can move it out of alignment to the other. Once you have a few strands wrapped over they hold together well and you can then pick up speed. I found these really easy to use and much quicker. I could easily pick up the pace and get into a good rhythm without having to stop or wool getting caught on anything. It made the whole process much smoother and simpler.

I am yet to try the smallest of the pom-pom sizes which is 35mm in diameter. Even with the size being trickier to handle I believe it will still be smoother than the older process I was using.

Overall I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to make pom-poms and pom-pom crafts. They are simple to use and easy to navigate. They are also long lasting and last much longer than a piece of cardboard. I am very impressed and love using my pom-pom makers. Now just to find a book to get more pom-pom crafts to make!

Let me know in the comments down below what you have made with your pom-pom makers and if you have a favourite make.


All opinions in this review are my own and I would not recommend products if I truly didn’t believe in them myself. 

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