Clover Chaco Liner Pen Review

I feel I am so behind with the times when it comes to certain tools in the sewing world. This Christmas just gone Cora bought me this Clover Chaco chalk pen. Before this I was using ordinary tailor’s chalk, I never really needed anything else so when I started to use this I was blown away.

The chalk pen is as it says a chalk pen, it has a serrated wheel at the point of the pen that gathers chalk dust from the tube as the wheel spins around. The tube of chalk dust can be refilled and refills can be bought online for £3.04 from Amazon. You can find the pen on Amazon for £5.48, the pen comes in different colours such as white, pink blue, yellow and red.

The chalk pen is easy to use, simply take off the lid and get going. The serrated wheel on the end makes it easy to glide across the fabric and make smooth lines. As it is quite freeing to use be careful not to be too speedy and go completely off course. The pen is really easy to use, there is no need to sharpen the edges and the dust will just rub off. Be sure to test out your colour on a scrap piece of fabric before using on your project. I like that the pen is compact and easy to transport around.

I would recommend using this product as it is long lasting and comes with options to refill and a variety of colours. I like the compact style and easy use.

My downfalls with this pen are that the dust can be too much and get a little messy on the fabric. I haven’t struggled too many times but has happened. I would say that this is the only downfall for me on this particular product.


Let me know in the comments below your favourite fabric marking tool and which one you would recommend. I would love to hear what your think of the Clover chalk pen and why you love/hate it.


All opinions in this review are my own and I would not recommend products if I truly didn’t believe in them myself.



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