My Christmas Craft Haul

Now I am older I use Christmas and birthdays as a time to get some gifts that I will find useful and want that I wouldn’t usually buy myself. Like craft rulers and quilting equipment, I can’t really afford to buy these items for myself even as a one-off so this year I made my list to Santa full of these goodies.┬áThis is my Christmas Craft Haul…

Between my parents (Santa) and Cora’s parent’s I got some really lovely and useful craft things this year. Some of the items I picked out on Amazon for my parents to get for me so they could see what exactly it was. As they are unfamiliar with the different patchwork rulers and shapes.

My main focus was going to be on patchwork this year and making my own clothes. So I was really trying to build up my tools so I can practice my patchwork. I am also looking into collecting together a couple of patterns to make something for myself. Even though I have made a few things before I haven’t always been too pleased with the result and only worn the items a few times.

From Santa

I got a large quilting ruler, a triangle template, a new Fiskars rotary cutter, quilters corner, quilters pencil and some moulding tools as well as a fat quarter pack. I also got the bronze fabric scissors with small scissors and thimble pack and the 2 reels of festive ribbon.

From My In-Laws

One of the gifts me and Cora’s mum had picked out together which was the small festive pack of fabric squares. She had also found the Cath Kidston 3 books and patterns book for me, it is a tradition for her to get me a sewing book of some kind each year now.

My Goals For The New Year

I decided to try and focus on 3 main craft topics for 2018 – patchwork, clothes making and knitting. My Auntie Lindsey said she would like to help me learn how to knit this year but the rest is on me. Usually, I am not one for making new years resolutions as I never stick to them but these are goals I am looking forward to pushing and challenging myself with this year.

If you got any crafty gifts this year for Christmas let me know in the comments below. Even if you have a challenge or goal for yourself in terms of sewing and crafting this year let me know below.

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