About Me

 Getting To Know Me.

I’m Helen, I am a twenty-something travelling the world with my girlfriend. We are on the journey to being location independent and working while on the move.

Why I Started This Blog

I started this blog as an outlet, I kept making bags and quilts and bears but wasn’t doing anything with them once I had made them. I had a try at making to sell on Etsy but couldn’t handle the pressure of letting people down or getting things perfect. So I created this blog to learn different skills, document what I had made and how and also to help others learn.




I first learned to sew at University where I took a 3-year Costume for Stage And Screen course. After leaving I went on to work in retail and from there I have left my job and become self-employed and writing this blog. I love sewing, making things, baking and cooking, I am neither a novice or expert in any of those fields but love to learn new things. I have always been creative and enjoyed everything from drawing to making to sewing.


Though I no longer make costumes I am slowly learning to make more contemporary clothes for myself and hopefully my friends. I want to create a fully sustainable wardrobe made myself from fabric or upcycled from old clothes.