5 Ways To Store Fabric Supplies And How To Save Space

How To store your fabrics and save space.

For anyone who is like me and becomes a little bit of a hoarder of fabric, craft supplies, and ribbons, this is definitely for you. I am guilty of keeping scraps for that ‘just in case’ time or the 10 reels of ribbons because I don’t want them to get dirty or wrinkled in the box. Up until I met Cora I had stacks of stuff in large bags and boxes in my parent’s garage and some of the stuff I didn’t need or was ever going to use! I would store everything I found and it got a little extreme!

When I met Cora I started to whittle down what I had and really evaluate what I was going to use and the reason behind keeping it. I made myself ask the question what would you use this for? Can you live without this particular bit? The majority of the time it was useless stuff that I was never going to use again, any kinds of cotton and prints I kept to make patchwork quilts from and anything silk was sold. This saved me so much space and time, saving me having to look through it all over and over to find what I actually wanted. Here are my top 5 ways to store your fabric and crafts and how you can save space. I recently found this post on how to purge you craft supplies, it is amazing and will help you decide what you need and what you won’t miss.


1 – Ribbons

Ribbons usually come on a roll, if you have any on rolls unravel them and get a small divider. I have got a small ring box that my mother in law gave me and I use that to store my ribbons. I take them off the roll and neatly roll them up to make them small. You can use anything from a ring/jewellery box to the small compartment boxes from Really Useful Boxes– they have the smaller ones in HobbyCraft.



2 – Pre-made Packs And Boxed Sets

I found that keeping things in unnecessary packaging took up so much space. Get rid of the boxes, you won’t need the box unless it has instructions. If they are items that need to stay together or are small place them in a large sealable food bag. If you need the instructions on the box, cut the instructions and keep them in a flat packed pile. This will reduce down your bulk and make space for the stuff that matters. Write on the bags what they are with a permanent marker, this will stop any confusion.



3 – Wool And Yarn

As I am learning more about embroidery and really enjoying it. I bought a large quantity of different coloured threads and had the issue to store 50. I found that laying them in a box was too much space unless really packed in. Try storing the smaller threads for embroidery in clear sealable bags and squash out the air. There are only a couple of bundles of wool and they are stored in a large box along with the smaller sealed bags. A large collection can be stored by colour palette, this can be separated into boxes, baskets or bags. This will make it easier to find the colour you need as it will already be sorted into colours.

You can get boxes from Hobbycraft to store your crafts in and some come with dividers. Really useful boxes are great to use, we have never had a problem using them. The boxes are durable and last a long time, they all stack well together so you aren’t left with awkward space or unusable gaps. They are a little more expensive but are worth the money.

4 – Fabric 

All my fabric is kept in a large chest in our office, this is a big chest. But for me this works great, it is tidied away when I need it to be and it is easily accessible. We don’t like a huge amount of clutter so we like to keep things tidied away. I organise my fabrics into scraps on one side and large quantities on the other. You can also keep your smaller scraps in little bins on your desk.

I personally have a very small amount compared to some other sewists. If you are one of these with a large collection of fabric do not worry there’s a solution for you. Some people have used hangers with rails to hold the fabric on to keep it neat, organise into baskets by colour palette or even on a shelf.


5 – Books

I don’t own many books as I don’t have a need for the ones from university anymore. Some I kept hold of some and they also live in my storage chest. Books are great don’t get me wrong, I recommend some on my resources page but they take up space. Space that can be used for more fabric or a new sewing machine. I like to look online and use online resources such as Pinterest, Bloglovin and Google to find out what I am after. You can find information on the internet but it can’t always give us what we need. You can always use a source such as a local library to find the information.

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