Origami Present Boxes | How To

Origami Present Boxes | How To

I have never tried Origami, I didn’t think it would be something I would have the patience for and I don’t think my fingers could quite organise themselves to do it right. But I was pleasantly surprised when I attended BlogOn and took a class hosted by PaperChase to learn how to make a gift.

The table was laid out beautifully with 3 different square sizes, beautiful festive papers and cute ribbons to finish. I picked my paper and started to follow the instructions, though I struggled at first I soon got the hang of it. Here is how I got on…

For more instructions click here.

I started off by created all the folds, as shown above, remember that the blue in the image above it the patterned side of your paper. 

I created the fold in half and opened up the paper, then created the second fold in the paper the opposite way and opened it up again. Remember if you are using shiny/slippery paper to really press down the folds to make them more defined. 

Then take all four corners of the paper with the pattern facing down and fold the corners into the middle. This will create a smaller square and will see the defined folds of the paper. 

Create the next fold by taking our 2 of the corners so your paper is a diamond shape with 2 corners still folded in. Take both sides and fold into the middle to meet. Unfold all the paper open and repeat for the opposite side.

The next step is to leave the sides stood up as shown above and pull together the creases to enable the point at the top to fold over into the base. It is very hard to explain and something I feel can only be taught. Once the sides are brought up and folded over, this will hopefully stay in place.

If your like me and picked tricky paper you can always dab a little glue on the tip to hold it in place. 

To create the lid it is the same process but needs to be a little larger, you can do this by cutting a 0.5cm extra around the edge or when you create the fold at this point shown below – don’t bring the edges completely together and leave a small gap of roughly 0.5cm on each fold. This will allow the box to be bigger and fit as a lid.

This is the finished product, I love this design and it has given me the bug to want to make more and try more techniques. I think this style is great for hiding presents in, creating a small stack and tidying with ribbon for decoration at Christmas is a great idea. The style is diverse in it’s use and you can make it as big as you can find the paper which is wonderful. 

If you have done this before or have a favourite Origami style you love let me know in the comments, I would love to learn more. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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