Northern Craft Fair Review

Northern Craft Fair Review

On Saturday 5th August, I had the pleasure of being invited to the Northern Craft Fair at Northern Monk Brewery in Leeds. I have been to craft shows and fairs before but mostly been large exhibitions at NEC in Birmingham so I was intrigued to see how this smaller local event was going to compare.

I was happily surprised and I will tell you why.


Pin Drop

The founders of Northern Craft Carley Batley and Sean Mort created a new and interesting exhibition called the pin drop, they commissioned 21 designers to create 25 exclusive pins to represent what they thought of the north of England. The pin drop was created for the Northern Craft regulars to have something different each and every time. 

Stall Holders

Each stall holder/ creator was different to the last and different from the next, this was a rarity for me, I am so used to seeing the same products from stall to stall and the only difference being the price. Not here, every craft and creator were unique, even when using the same materials or process the outcome was completely different. 

Nakto Ceramics

I must say I did Instagram stalk quite a few of the stall holders before the event and Nakto Ceramics was no exception. The simple but fun design of small ceramic pots and jewellery are just too cute, the pots and pieces are all handmade and not on a wheel which all add to the charm and individuality of the pieces. 

Upsydaisy Craft

I had a wonderful chat with Natalie from Upsydaisy craft and it was so lovely to meet her and hear about how she got into her work. She works with clay making small trinket bowls, jewellery and frames, what really caught my eye is the detail in her work from the beautiful colours to the intricate lines on the biscuit jewellery. 

Geo Heaven

Geo Heaven are the creators of the beautiful 3D printed geometric jewellery, each piece is printed in the EU and finished in Yorkshire, what could be better? I was attracted to the vibrant colours and variety of shapes and designs they had to offer. Sarah who is the Director at Geo Heaven was as bright, bubbly and welcoming as her jewellery and so if you are a fan of geometric shapes this shop is for you. 

BettyJoy Design Studio

Another talent to add to the list of many were BettyJoy, you may recognise her work and you should because it is beautiful. Lucia’s work has been used in many high street stores and brands across the UK such as Primark, M&S, Boots Miniclub and Sainsbury’s. Her stall was mesmerising and everything was so cute, it was impossible not to stop and admire her work. The wonderful prints, packs and bunting can be found and bought on Etsy. 

The Level Collective

The Level Collective is changing the way we dress, moving from disposable fashion fast concept to a sustainable and longevity in clothing. The materials were made from 100% cotton or bamboo, making the clothing long lasting, great quality and great looking. Looking to spend most of my time on the road moving from country to country this for me was a dream to find. 


These, of course, are just a handful of the amazing creators and crafters at the Northern Craft Fair, be sure to check out Northern Craft for more information on their upcoming events, plans and dates.

If you have been to a Northern Craft event or bought from any of the crafters above let me know what you bought and what you thought in the comments. 

Before you go check out my post on my Geo-Fleur Workshop making my own terrarium. 




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