How To Make No-Sew Felt Heart Bunting

How To Make No-Sew Felt Heart Bunting
This is a no sew felt heart bunting. Great activity to do with kids.
This is a great crafty way to creating bunting, especially if your not a sewer. This great no sew bunting is simple easy and quick to make.

We have all been there, that point that you either can’t sew or don’t have the supplies available to sew. I have done it so many times that I really want to make something but don’t have my sewing box with me or a machine to hand. If you like making or have crafty hands that need to be kept busy this is a great idea to start with. This no-sew felt bunting can be made with a variety of shapes and sizes and colours. This project is great because there is no limit to your creativity. Get out the felt, the scissors, the glue and ribbon and let’s get started!



  • Scissors
  • Glue– Any will be fine.
  • Felt Squares– these are great because they come in 2 different sizes and a great variety of colours.
  • Ribbon– you can search Etsy if you are looking for something more decorative.


Step One

Start by creating your shape, I chose a heart but you can choose anything from the usual bunting triangle to a dinosaur if you wish. Try finding shapes online, free printables for the kids to use as a template. Cut out your template into paper and transfer onto your felt.


Step Two

Draw around your shape onto your felt with a pen or pencil. Cut two of your shape in each colour of your felt. Remember this can be any size and length you like.


Step Three

Once all your shapes are cut out, lay 1 of each colour in a line. Lay the shapes out how you want them to be when you are finished. You can have no gaps between or you can create a gap so they are more spaced out. Once you have arranged your shapes in order you are ready to glue down the ribbon.


Step Four

Start by creating a slug line of glue across the middle of each shape, this is where your ribbon will sit. When laying on the ribbon remember to leave a length of around 10-15cm at each end to use to hand up when done.


Step Five

Once the ribbon and glue have dried together, you can then glue on the top shape. Use your glue to mark on a few dots around the edge to glue the pieces together. Place your shape on top of the bottom shape and let dry. Once dry your bunting is ready to put up!



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