Making My Own Iron On Badges | How To

Making My Own Iron On Badges | How To

Since my trip to Northern Craft fair a few weeks ago and seeing the wonderful work that had gone into each and every stall as well as the amazing Pin Drop, I became hooked on badges. I loved the idea of being able to completely transform an outfit from dull to colorful with the use of a couple of badges and pins.

I then got to wondering how I could make my own, I don’t own an embroidery machine to make greatly embroidered badges or have the ability to design and make metal badges but what about something more simple? just to start with.



I set off to research on my favorite place of course – Pinterest. I looked at different designs that were simple and easy to create. I decided to make a felt base using two pieces both backed with interfacing to create a rigid feel.  As always if there are any materials you need or want to see what I use to check out my resources page for links and details



I then joined the two layers together and zig-zag stitched around the edge to hold together. I am still trying to find the best stitch combination to use for the edging as my machine doesn’t have a blanket stitch option. Decorated with sequins or embroidered beforehand, these are slowly becoming my new favorite thing to do. 



I stuck with simple shapes for now as I want to build the technique and really build the base layers up before getting carried away with decoration or more complicated shapes. Doesn’t mean I haven’t already created a Pinterest board for my new love. 

I created this simple heart shape and before joining the two felt pieces together I used my free machine embroidery foot to create the lettering. (not very well I know but it’s a learning process for me). I would love to be able to hand embroider or machine embroider on letters and phrases to create cute and cool patches. 



This was the first one I made and I was so happy with the result. Still, a long way to go as I have never worked with sequins and know they don’t lay neatly. I loved this so much I attached a felt band to the back and added a safety pin. 

If you have any tips on how to make iron-on badges and patches let me know in the comments below. Once I get back from my little trip to London I am on a badge making mission to make more. I will update you on my progress.

Until Next Time

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