How To Make Felt Sword And Wand – Dressing Up Box

How To Make Felt Sword And Wand – Dressing Up Box

Do you remember the dress up corner when you were at primary school? There were princess dresses, swords and all sorts of outfits to try on. I loved them. I always wanted to be a princess and wear the pretty dresses. I know it can be hard to buy everything they always wanted, especially when we know that the little ones can change their mind. So why not try out making your own and I bet they will love it just as much. These felt crafts will get you in the good books and save your pennies at the same time.


Equipment And Materials

  • Scissors – preferably fabric scissors but not necessary.
  • Tape Measure
  • Large Felt Squares in multiple colours – I got a multi-pack from Amazon and it has been so handy having all different colours to hand when I need them.
  • Iron on interfacing – I got 90cm x 3m and it is lasting me forever, it comes nicely wrapped and works great.
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Sewing machine – optional you can use glue instead to hold everything together.
  • Pen, pencil or chalk pen – Use whichever you have available.


  • Start by measuring across 4 inches thick and 11 inches long. You want to use the length of your felt square if possible. Using your pen, pencil or chalk pen mark along 4 inches to create an even rectangle. Cut along the marked line. This will create the blade of the sword or the handle of the wand.

  • Cut out the same shape into the interfacing and iron the shiny side down onto the felt.
  • Fold in half with the interfacing on the inside, pin the fold in place and sew or glue the edges together.
  • For the Sword: mark a centre point on the end of one open end of the rectangle. Fold in half and cut at a diagonal the create the point of the blade. Sew or glue the edge shut and to create a neat look.

  • For the wand: Using another colour draw a star and cut out 2. Sandwich the handle between the 2 stars and pin into place. You can either sew around the edge to hold in place or glue together.

  • For the sword: Taking another colour, draw on a ‘T’ shape and cut 2 of them. This will become the handle of the sword. Sandwich between the flat end of the blade and either sew into place or glue together.

If you are feeling extra crafty then make matching headwear like a crown and Tiara.

Felt Fairy Headband And Crown

Also don’t be afraid to add extra detailing like some added ribbons to the wand and sequins and why not try adding a badge of honour to the sword.

Let me know in the comments below how you get on and how you decorated your wand and sword.


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