How To Make Bulgarian Snezhanka Salad

The snezhanka salad is very commonly known due to its similarities to the Greek Tzatziki. Truth is that in the Balkans the recipes are very much similar, the dish is widespread from Greece, Bulgaria and even into Irag and India. Each one varying from the next but still all having a common factor. This is common as through history ingredients and recipes will have swapped hands from culture to culture and have been adapted over time. There is no real definition to where each recipe or dish came from.

The snezhanka salad can be made to use as a dip, a main dish or side served cold and can be made all year round with fresh cucumbers or preserved. Snezhanka means ‘snow white’ or also known as ‘dry tarator’.

Bulgarian Snezhanka Salad
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Prep Time
20 min
Total Time
20 min
Prep Time
20 min
Total Time
20 min
  1. * 1 cucumber
  2. * 1 Garlic clove- you can add more if you prefer
  3. * 4 cups of plain yoghurt ( 900ml)
  4. * 1/2 bunch of fresh dill finely chopped
  5. * 3 tablespoons of crushed Walnuts
  6. * 30ml olive oil
  7. * salt to taste
  1. * Place a cheesecloth or plain white dish cloth over a bowl and pour in the yoghurt, this is to drain out the water, pull the four corners together and squeeze out the water. Leave to drain in a colander for 2-3 hours.
  2. * Prepare your ingredients such as chop your cucumber, press the garlic, chop the walnuts and dill.
  3. * Scoop the yoghurt into a large bowl and pour in your ingredients. Add in the liquid ingredients too.
  4. * Add salt to taste and mix together well.
  5. * Place in the fridge for serving. Serving suggests waiting until the next day to get a fuller flavour of the snezhanka salad.
  6. * Serve up with pita bread, on the side of a meal, on top of kebabs and meat dishes.
  1. * This is not my recipe but has been known to be the most common ingredients for this salad*
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Hope you enjoyed making your own snezhanka, let me know what you made to go with it and how you liked it. Let me know if the comments below what you think and if you liked it.

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