How To Make Personalised Gift Wrap

This is a great way to give that extra touch to any present, great for Christmas and birthdays.

Every year I hate trying to find wrapping paper, usually, we do buy it on boxing day for 20p a roll but the selection is dire. This year I am mixing things up, I like being creative and being resourceful so I am having a go at making my own gift wrap. This doesn’t just have to apply for Christmas, this technique can be used for birthdays and new baby arrivals.

Equipment And Materials

I have decided to do a small breakdown of the places you can get your materials and the best product for your money. These prices are the lowest I can find and include postage if to buy online. All products can be bought online and one has a store.

Price Comparison- Brown/Craft Paper

RetailerPricePostage + PackagingNotesLink
HobbyCraft£3£3.50For 8m Roll
Etsy£6£20.00For 15ft Roll
Amazon£2.25£3.00For 5m Roll - No Prime Available.
These are 3 online retailers offering the same product, here is a table to show you which retailer is giving you the best product and quality for your money.

Price Comparison - Acrylic Paint Set

RetailerPricePostage + PackagingNotesLink
HobbyCraft£3.00£3.5012ml 12 pack
Etsy£2.75£1.706ml 10pck
Amazon£2.15£2.1512ml 10pck

Price Comparison - Rubber Stamps

RetailerPricePostage + PackagingNotesLinks
HobbyCraft£1 / £1.25£3.50Individual stamps from £1 and Small Alphabet sets from £1.25
Etsy£7.00£1.70UK only. For one stamp
Amazon25 Pcs £3.15
70 Pcs £5.87
Both Free P+P25pcs set random.
70pcs Alphabet Set


Preparing The Paper

I am only doing a section at a time for a particular shape so I have measured out how much of the paper I will need. If you are doing a full roll, roll out onto a flat surface and be prepared to let each section dry before moving on. Make sure your paper is rolled out to the right side facing up. Some may not have 2 sides but some do, so check first before printing.

Preparing The Paint

Choose your colour of paint and skirt a little onto a plate or mat, flatten out with a paintbrush. Dab in your stamp and transfer to the paper. You can also use ink pads too if you prefer, these can be better to use with children as it is easier and less messy. A better way of keeping your kitchen clean, this one is a little more expensive but worth looking at to have multiple colours in one tray.


Making The Print

Carry on until you have your print. If you are wanting to create a more structured print you can use a pencil and ruler to mark on lines. The lines will help you keep in a line and create a symmetrical pattern. Once the paint has dried rub out the lines gently and rolls up to save or use straight away. I used a mix of mediums to create my gift wrap, I used everything from rubber stamps to making my own from a potato. I used sharpies, acrylic paint and ink pads. All mediums are great to use and if you get adventurous you can always try glitter!


Finishing Touch

Use your new gift wrap and add a little ribbon or a bow to match the colour to give it an added wow. You can also use this technique to create name tags.

Let me know how you get on and would love to hear the prints you have created down in the comments. 🙂

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