How To Make Felt Fruit Bunting

It is time to get in the garden and tan our legs, it is time to get the BBQ out of the shed and have friends round. Why not make a few simple felt decorations to brighten up the garden and impress your guests at the same time, check out my post on how to make felt fruit coasters to match this amazing bunting.

Equipment And Materials

  • 2 shades of yellow felt – I bought my felt from Amazon for a pack of 30 for £7.80 + free delivery or you can get a pack of 15 from HobbyCraft for £5.
  • 2 shades of green felt
  • 1 pink/red felt
  • scissors
  • Glue
  • Black Sharpie – These are a multi colour pack of 6 for £6.99 or you can get one black sharpie for £2.52


  • Create a circle by drawing around something like a roll of tape onto paper. Cut that out and cut in half to make the fruit slice.
  • Cut out the half circle into the dark green felt for the lime and watermelon and cut out into the darker yellow for the lemon.
  • Cut out small raindrop shapes into the lighter green and yellow for the lime and lemon. Cut 3 per slice and glue into place.
  • Cut a smaller half circle into the pink/red felt and glue onto the dark green.
  • Using a sharpie draw on 3 raindrop shapes or dots for the seeds in the fruit.
  • Lay in order of how you want them to appear on the bunting and face down.
  • Glue on the very top line of the slices (straight edge) and lay the ribbon on top.
  • Let dry then hang.

Let me know how you get on and show me how your garden looks this summer with your new decoration. If you have any other ideas please share 🙂

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