How To Create A French Seam – Beginners Guide

How To Create A French Seam – Beginners Guide

A french seam is different to work with as it creates a case for the seam to sit in. Starting with the wrong sides together and working almost backwards to how we usually would. The french seam is most commonly used on lightweight fabrics such as silk, chiffon and sheer fabrics. The french seam will also create a more professional look to your project. Check out my post here for a more accurate tutorial on how to create a french seam.


  • Sewing Machine
  • Seam – try out a test piece before working on the original project
  • Matching thread
  • Iron and ironing board


  • To create the french seam start by sewing together the wrong sides together, press open the seam.

  • Trim the seam allowance and press the seam to one side on the wrong side.

  • Fold the right sides back together leaving the seam crisp, press this seam again.

  • With the new folded seam sew with a 1/4 inch seam. The previous seam will be sandwiched within the new seam.

  • Open the folds of the fabric and press open, you will now have a completed french seam.


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