Crafting Your Own Blog Brand

Crafting Your Own Blog Brand

This weekend we spent some time in London and then headed up to Manchester to attend BlogOn, this was my first blog event and so I was very nervous. Though after taking a couple of the talks I really got thinking to make my blog better, I know not everything will come at once and I will always adapt it but some things just came to me.

I sat looking at other bloggers titles and business cards and it really hit home that I wasn’t portraying what my blog really is about. I have tried many different looks for my blog, different colourways, titles and images. Nothing was quite sticking and over time I want to be able to work with brands and really show my blog and what it is about just by the title. 

While sat watching a talk from Zoe Corkhill on how to create a media kit, the lightbulb really lit up and instantly I thought why not craft my own title.  I wanted to create something simple but imaginative, so I am trying out a few designs in embroidery to create my own branding. 

These are some of the designs I have been working on using Canva. I have been playing around with background and colour but still not sure which is right if any. 

Essentially I still feel there is no personality in these images, yes they may be nice and I like the colours but overall I don’t feel it says anything about what my blog is about. It is hard to portray what I do as I feel I can cover quite a broad base, though the majority has been sewing it isn’t all I will ever do. 

My next ideas were to take small tokens of each thing I do such as scissors, needles, buttons and cooking utensils and somehow merge them into an image to lay with my text. I also had the image of creating my logo as a sewn/ embroidered badge. Here is some sample of what I came up with using Canva

Personally, as soon as I saw the first one from the last 3 with the buttons, I knew instantly it was perfect. It is simple colourful and fits with what I have to offer on my blog. I realise that I am so much more than what it appears on the title and what you initially see but I am diverse and I won’t ever be able to fit everything I want on one title. 

I am really pleased with the free tools available on Canva to enable me to make this, there is also the option to pay for images, pictures and extras or sign up to be a pro account to unlock more of everything. 

Hope you like the new look. 

Until next time,

H x

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