Christmas Tree Bunting | How To

Christmas Tree Bunting | How To

I absolutely love Christmas and I am sure many people do. What I love most is decorating the house into a winter wonderland much to Cora’s annoyance. I can be a little excited and want to go a little crazy but this year we are living with Cora’s parents and are planning a lovely simple cosy Christmas.

I love bunting, I think it is a simple but effective way to decorate your room without having to spend a fortune on paint and new furnishings. It is simple, find some fabric you like, upcycle old curtains or bedding or buy some from a charity shop. Well I decided to take this idea into Christmas, one year I made a Merry Christmas Sign for my mum’s house and this year I am shrinking down the size to make tree bunting.



I made a simple diamond shape from a piece of paper to use as my template. Cut into your fabric and once folded in half would then create the famous bunting triangle.



Fold each diamond over the string and pin into place. Sew along both edges over the string to hold in place. Cut any remaining threads to neaten off the edges and it is complete! You can use scrap fabrics for this project which is great as I had some little bits left over from a fat quarter pack I bought a few years ago but never had the heart to throw them away! (I’m not a hoarder I promise!)



Have fun creating and make sure to have a wonderful Christmas.

Until next time,

H x



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