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When I was younger I would tie a dressing gown tie around my waist and leave it hanging down to the floor to make a cat tail. I remember having to make a costume for a school play where I was a cat and used that very technique. I loved playing dress up, pretending to be a horse or a cat or some animal. The dressing up box lacked a little on animal wear, it was more Princess dresses and swords. For me this wasn’t as good because I was a little chubby as a little girl I didn’t often fit in the Princess dresses so I had to find alternative outfits. I came up with 3 different animal tails that you can adapt to be different animals, I chose a fox, unicorn and dinosaur.


Dinosaur Tail

The dinosaur tail is super quick to make and really fun to wear. This is great for summers in the garden or park and easy to take along with you. Make in as many colours as you can think of so no one is left out. Check out the link here to see how to make it.

Unicorn Tail

The unicorn is a great mythical creature that has really come into the spotlight and become a well sought after animal the past year so it would be rude not to include my version of a unicorn tail. This is great to make for your little ones to wear to make them feel magical and beautiful. Collect together scraps of ribbons, fabric and lace and pipe cleaners for the tail and off you go! Check out my link here to see how to make your own quick and easy unicorn tail.

Fox Tail

As well as the unicorn, foxes have become such a loved and admired animal within the last year and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a little foxy loxy tail to wear? The fox tail is so cute as you can make some really sweet matching ears – you can make them here.( make fox ears and add link) You can use the base method and shape of the fox tail to make so much more, change the colour to dark yellow to make a lion tail or change to black and white for a cat. Check out my link here to see how to make your own fox tail.

I hope you enjoyed making your own animal tails and be sure to check out my links below for more ideas for your own dressing up box.  From felt swords and wands to crowns and animal ears, there is something for every imagination.

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