The Essential Baking Kit For Beginners

The essential beginners baking kit guide.

As a child I did most of my baking with my Grandma, this is where I became to love it. At the time having a stand mixer was the best thing to have, myself and my sisters loved it. She had that her bowls, weighing scales and a wooden spoon and she could make anything she wanted. Today we have such a variety of options available and different brands to choose from it can be overwhelming.

I decided to put together a basic kit for beginners with simple tools to get you started, some things I have left out as you can use your phone for a timer these days and you can use other items. These are all tools that you can find cheap enough in your local supermarket or online. They are also tools you may even have in your kitchen cupboards now. There will be certain recipes and skills you can’t create with these tools and may need to add to your toolbox as you go along but for now will get you going.


Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls are easy to find, you can find them in your local supermarket or online. I use the pyrex clear glass bowls. They are easy to use and keep clean and are great so you can see to the bottom of the bowl. They often come as a pack of 3 so you can have one in the wash and still be able to bake. That is just me being lazy!


Measuring Cups

Measuring cups are great because so many recipes are American where the cups measurement has originated from. The UK are mainly measured in weight so still keep your scales around in case. Measuring cups come in a pack together and are great to keep things tidy, no more bowls with flour in and half a bowl of butter on the surface.


Rolling Pin

The rolling pin is such a basic tool, it is handy for more than rolling out pastry. I use my rolling pin to beat chocolate into chunks, beat biscuits to crumbs for cheesecake bases and also the obvious rolling out cookie dough. There isn’t much you can use to substitute a good rolling pin so I always recommend having one in the draw handy.


Wire Rack/Cooling Tray

The cooling rack is so handy to have because so many times I have gone without it and needed the baking tray that my cookies are cooling on. It is great to cool your freshly baked goods as the gaps create a channel for the bottom cool as well as the top.


Baking Trays

I think most people have these in their house but I still find it an essential because there is nothing worse than making up your cookies to have to lay them 5 a time on a scrappy little tray you have or borrowing one from the neighbours.


Bun Tray

This is the most basic thing I can think to own in your home for baking. It was the one thing you learn to bake first. I learnt to make buns with my Grandma when I was really young and then at secondary school in cookery class they taught us again. You can never go wrong with buns.



Wooden Spoon

These are just easier to use than your regular spoon, easy to move the mixture around and better as it is considerably larger.

Rubber Spatula

I only just recently got my first rubber spatula from my sister for Christmas. I have been missing out all this time, this utensil is great for scraping off the sides and folds into the mixture with ease due to the rubber end.


So if there is anything more you can think of let me know! I might not have it myself and then it is an excuse to shop and bake some more. Many of these items you may already have at home or even find in TK Maxx and your local supermarket.